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    Luxottica Luxury Wholesale engaged Process Retail Group to design and fabricate a Coach Eyewear Focus Day Kit with a goal of equipping Coach sales representatives with a personalized and luxury brand experience for use in multiple sales channels such as department stores and specialty sales events.


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    Process Retail Group manufactured an exclusive batch of Coach Eyewear Focus Day Kits for Luxottica Luxury Wholesale. While the Kits are in their early stages of use, feedback thus far has been incredibly positive.


    Types of Materials

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  • Features

    The face of the sales kit highlights brand prestige and the Coach heritage using a laser-etch treatment, while special features such as fitted and removable cavities to house the eyewear make it quick and easy for sales representatives to share the product.  Engineered to be compact and light weight, the kit exceeded the customer’s manageability expectations.  The two-step case opening elevates the product reveal and heightens the personal selling experience.

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  • How/Process

    With authentic, luxury branding and quality yet lightweight construction as key goals, Process Retail Group’s design team applied a rigorous process in order to test a variety of concepts and preferred materials—a mix of wood, metal and varying textiles—to achieve the desired look and feel.

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